An Experiment in Micro-Investing

It doesn’t take much to do Good while having Fun.

“Well, then prove it”, I hear you saying. And that’s just what I intend doing.

We are a motley band of scholars and dimwits, enlightened souls and clueless rookies – united in belief – that we can have Fun while doing Good.

The way it works is pretty simple: Each member assumes an avatar – for instance my avatar is WSGY. The avatar invests a very modest sum every month, and builds a portfolio of their favorite stocks. Every time an investment is made, they explain why they invested in a particular stock and what makes it an attractive investment. And now for the Good part..

A full 51% of the gains made is donated to charity. How ’bout that?

Micro Investing + Purpose = Micro Investing (With A) Purpose = MIWAP